Italian Organic Restaurant



Head Chef - Guillermo Totti

Head Chef Guillermo is an italian cooking master. He was introduced into the ar at age seven by his grandfather who was a renowned chef at the Dolce Vita restaurant in Napoli in South Italy. At twenty six he was already the head chef at the Pompeii restaurant in Rome. He came to England in 1982 and opened the Via Roma in 1983. The restaurant has grown in size and reputation, as has Guillermo's reputation as a chef.

Head Waiter - Rudolfo Giacometti

Head Waiter Rudolfo comes from a long line of Italians dedicated to providing good service. His grandfather was head waiter at the Imperial Hotel in Rome and his father was head waiter at the Dorchester in central London. Rudolfo is the cousin of Guillermo and was invited to manage the team at the Via Roma in 1986. Since then he has overseen a transformation in the quality of service.

Master of Ceremonies - Gianfranco Di Mateo

Master of Ceremonies Gianfranco is the heart and soul of the Via Roma. he runs the functions service and can regularly be found serenading guests with his baritone voice accompanied by our resident pianist, Ludmila Caligula. Previously Gianfranco worked as an entertainer on the Italian club circuit. It was there that he honed his natural ability to make people relax. Guillermo says of Gianfranco, "This man could make a rock smile".